krystal snorts when she laughs, reads a new romance novel every two days, loves campy horror movies, sly stallone (don't be hatin'), dolly parton, singing in the car (windows rolled down), her sweet dumplin’ of a son Leo, her husband Matt and their surly kitty, "half-price the cat."

did you know they make army boots in size 3?

krystal began her professional photographic career as a photojournalist for the US Army. they sent her to bosnia, kosovo, ecuador and other delightful vacation spots, but she grew tired of taking pictures of the worst days of people's lives, and decided to focus on the best days, instead. added bonus: there's less sniper fire at weddings. unfortunately, there is more electric sliding at weddings than war zones.

since then krystal has gone on to win countless awards and honors for her wedding and portrait photography and earned the title "master photographer" and “craftsman” from the professional photographers of america. her mom also made her some cookies and gave her a gold star sticker.