noun. exuberance or vigor, vivaciousness, liveliness. the excitement and energy of imagination animating artistic creation

what's your style?

everything we know in life we learned from bruce lee.

"when one has reached maturity in the art, one will have a formless form. it is like ice dissolving in water. when one has no form, one can be all forms; when one has no style, he can fit in with any style."

what sets our images apart from others? people in our pictures look natural and comfortable. that means we did whatever was right at the time to make a great picture.

so what's your deal? why hire you?

why hire verve studio? because we are highly educated, competitive, and intensely passionate about photography. we won't be happy unless every one of your friends is jealous of how much better your wedding photos are than theirs.

how many weddings have you shot?

after 11 years in business, we're closing in on 350. Still get a little verklempt at each one.

how many weddings do you shoot a year?

only one: yours.

wrap your noodle around that. right now, your mind = BLOWN. but in addition to your wedding being the only one we shoot this year, we'll probably shoot another 25 or 30.

what kind of cameras do you use?

have you seen the camera on the iphone these days? sweet pics out of those. but yeah, should we forget our iphones, we also bring top-of-the-line Canon cameras and really heavy lenses as backups.

do you really look as attractive as you do on your website?

ohhhh, you! I bet you say that to all the photographers!

and no, really, we're much hotter in person.

what are all those letters after your names?

they're kind of like photo merit badges.

we're not trying to put down anybody else, but, fact is, anybody with a camera and a pulse (pulse optional) can call themselves a "professional photographer." that's not to say people without a degree aren't good, but we hope our degrees and accreditations reinforce the point that we've got our educations, paid our dues, and been decreed by knowledgeable organizations as "people who don't suck at pictures."

to that end, krystal has a degree in photojournalism from the university of florida.

both matt & krystal have each also earned the major professional degrees:

master of photography: national degree for being consistently good at taking pictures, awarded by the professional photographers of america.

photographic craftsman: national degree for service to the photographic profession and art

florida degree of photographic excellence: florida version of the master’s degree.

florida service award: the "i can't say no" prize for service to the profession in florida.

florida education degree: the florida degree for those who continue their education past the basic course of study and toward photographic excellence.

film or digital?

grandpa?! Is that you?!

these days, film is just a marketing gimmick for hipsters.

are you insured?

yes, we have both liability insurance and errors and omissions coverage. some venues won't let photographers work on their premises without liability coverage, so it’s important to make sure your photographer is properly insured.

do you travel?

sure do. we’ve shot weddings all over the US and a few places beyond. in addition to taking pictures for our wonderful clients, we also teach our art and craft to aspiring photographers all over the country.

what do you wear to weddings?

naturally, you want everyone at your wedding looking their best. to that end, matt wears his black "dress" speedo and cape, and krystal looks stunning in her sequin go-go boots and dolly parton wig. however, should those garments be at the cleaners, we'll probably wear something black, ninja-like and professional.

what happens if you get sick?

don't worry, we bring our own buckets. should that not suffice, we're members of every local, state, national and international network of photographers, so you'll definitely be covered. regardless, after ten years in business we've never missed a wedding, so you probably don't need to worry.

what's your idea of a perfect sunday?

we are so glad you asked!

matt: for my perfect sunday, i would ride a dinosaur in space, and then eat ice cream.

krystal: i would pick strawberries warm from the sun, take a nap in a hammock, then get ripped and toss midgets (consensually, of course).