wedding faq


noun. exuberance or vigor, vivaciousness, liveliness. the excitement and energy of imagination animating artistic creation

what's your style?

everything we know in life we learned from bruce lee.

"when one has reached maturity in the art, one will have a formless form. it is like ice dissolving in water. when one has no form, one can be all forms; when one has no style, he can fit in with any style."

what sets our images apart from others? people in our pictures look natural and comfortable. that means we did whatever was right at the time to make a great picture.

how many weddings do you shoot a year?

only one: yours.

wrap your noodle around that. right now, your mind = BLOWN. but in addition to your wedding being the only one we shoot this year, we'll probably shoot another 25 or 30.

what kind of cameras do you use?

have you seen the camera on the iphone these days? sweet pics out of those. but yeah, should we forget our iphones, we also bring top-of-the-line Canon cameras and really heavy lenses as backups.

film or digital?

grandpa?! Is that you?!

these days, film is only a marketing gimmick.

so what's your deal? why hire you?

why hire verve studio? because we are highly educated, competitive, and intensely passionate about photography. we won't be happy unless every one of your friends is jealous of how much better your photos are than theirs.

you've done this before, right?

we've shot over 350 weddings in the last ten years in business, plus countless portraits.

are you insured?

yes, we have both liability insurance and errors and omissions coverage. some venues won't let photographers work on their premises without liability coverage, so it’s important to make sure your photographer is properly insured.

do you travel?

sure do. we’ve shot weddings all over the US and a few places beyond. in addition to taking pictures for our wonderful clients, we also teach our art and craft to aspiring photographers all over the country. although we live in gainesville, florida, we find ourselves shooting weddings all over the southeast. we have no travel fees for weddings within a 3 hour drive of gainesville, so don’t get upset we don’t live in the same town as your wedding. we’ll come to you.

do you really look as attractive as you do on your website?

ohhhh, you! I bet you say that to all the photographers!

and no, really, we're much hotter in person.

what are all those letters after your names?

they're kind of like photo merit badges.

we're not trying to put down anybody else, but, fact is, anybody with a camera and a pulse (pulse optional) can call themselves a "professional photographer." that's not to say people without a degree aren't good, but we hope our degrees and accreditations reinforce the point that we've got our educations, paid our dues, and been decreed by knowledgeable organizations as "people who don't suck at pictures."

to that end, krystal has a degree in photojournalism from the university of florida.

both matt & krystal have each also earned the major professional degrees:

master of photography: national degree for being consistently good at taking pictures, awarded by the professional photographers of america.

photographic craftsman: national degree for service to the photographic profession and art

florida degree of photographic excellence: florida version of the master’s degree.

florida service award: the "i can't say no" prize for service to the profession in florida.

florida education degree: the florida degree for those who continue their education past the basic course of study and toward photographic excellence.

what do you wear to weddings?

naturally, you want everyone at your wedding looking their best. to that end, matt wears his black "dress" speedo and cape, and krystal looks stunning in her sequin go-go boots and dolly parton wig. however, should those garments be at the cleaners, we'll probably wear something black, ninja-like and professional.

what happens if you get sick?

don't worry, we bring our own buckets. should that not suffice, we're members of every local, state, national and international network of photographers, so you'll definitely be covered. regardless, after ten years in business we've never missed a wedding, so you probably don't need to worry.

what's your idea of a perfect sunday?

we are so glad you asked!

matt: for my perfect sunday, i would ride a dinosaur in space, and then eat ice cream.

krystal: i would pick strawberries warm from the sun, take a nap in a hammock, then get ripped and toss midgets (consensually, of course).

how much for a wedding?

well you've got to fill out our contact form for the details. we'll send them right back, we promise! but we need to make sure you've seen our work, and read about us before you get scared off by ZOMG NUMBERS. that said our collections begin at 2995.

gosh, we're sold! so how do we book you?

well, first there's the Airing of Grievances, and then the Feats of Strength, and finally we exchange Gifts of Meat. we would also have a long talk over a steaming cup of earl grey, not about how we are different, but about how we are the same.

oh, and you'd have to sign our contract and give us money. it's a $2000 retainer, which goes toward your collection, followed by the remaining balance 30 days before your wedding. cool thing is we do all the contracts and payments through an online booking system, so hiring us is just a few mouse clicks away.

is stuff refundable, should our wedding be canceled?

sadly, no. once you've signed with us, all monies paid are non-refundable. understand, you're still receiving a service. the service you paid for with your retainer is your consultation time and the promise that, should someone call us up and ask about your wedding date, our response is "no, so sorry, we're booked" and not "well, we're booked, but how much more will you pay us than the other couple...?"

also, believe us, we're almost as upset about a canceled wedding as the (almost)bride and (almost)groom. a canceled wedding means we're sitting at home, sad and alone, probably stress eating some Ben and Jerry’s on a weekend, instead of shooting a wedding. also, we lost out on the remainder of the payment, and any reprint sales to family and guests we might have had afterward. canceled weddings make us very, very sad. nobody wins and we all have a big-girl cry.

i'm really busy! can we do a phone or video consult?

please! by all means, we would love to meet you an get to know you, but you're insanely busy planning a wedding, and we're insanely busy shooting weddings and portraits and teaching workshops and seminars for other photographers. it can be very difficult to arrange a time when we're all in the same place at the same time, but hopefully you've gotten an idea about our personalities and the quality of our work and services from this web site. we would LOVE to meet with you, but totally understand if you don't have time. to that end, we can talk on the phone, and krystal and matt have his-and-hers macbooks with isight cameras, so we can meet digitally wherever we happen to be at the time.

who will actually shoot my wedding?

that all depends on what hobo we can find at the bus station the day before your wedding.

should we be unable to locate a bus station hobo, your photographer will be either krystal or matt. or either matt or krystal. or matt or krystal with a qualified 2nd shooter. or if you want to pay more, matt and krystal. contact the studio for pricing info. but we assure you you'll get at least one of us. and for assistants and second shooters we only work with positively wonderful, fun and talented people who will help us make your wedding day as relaxing and fabulous as possible.

wait, what's the difference between a master photographer, a second shooter and an assistant?master photographer: krystal and matt each have master of photography degrees.second shooter: a full-time professional photographer we hire to provide second angle in addition to matt or krystal's coverage for your wedding day.assistant: someone with little or no photography responsibilities who mostly humps equipment around.

when can we see our pictures?

that depends on how well you feed us at the reception. filet mignon? VERY QUICKLY. squished bologna sandwich? not quite so quickly ;)

kidding aside, assuming a meal of acceptable quality, it'll be 3-4 weeks after your wedding. peak season and holidays may require additional time for quality post-production.

how long ‘til I get my album?

that kind of depends on you. if you're on the ball about picking the images you want in your album and approving design changes, we can have your album in your hot little hands in under three months. if you're suffering from PWSD (post wedding stress disorder) and have trouble picking, it might take a little longer.

so, do we get the files?

well, you can get the files. if you'd like, you can purchase the digital files from your wedding, although it is not required. we'll also include instructions on where and how to have your images printed. however, if you have them printed at a walgreens or on snapfish glossy paper for 2 cents we’re pretty sure a kitten dies.

can't i just have the disk without an album?

well, you can, but we don’t recommend it, because we want to make sure all our clients have a finished product. that means every image is retouched, enhanced, artfully arranged and professionally printed and bound. if you don't have your photographer make you an album, chances are you'll never get around to it, because real life will intrude. eventually you'll be five years after your wedding with some disc sitting in a box under your bed, no prints having seen the light of day, and then what did you really pay for? just trust us, instead, and we're going to make you something amazing.

also, just to brag a little...our albums have been in the professional photographers of america's top ten albums internationally. when we’re in the competing mood, we've been in the top three albums ranked by the florida professional photographers organization many times. and we use an album binder in alba, italy that makes the highest quality products in the world, so you're getting really good stuff.

do you retouch your images?

wouldn't we have to touch them first? BAM. that's the second time your mind has been blown just reading this faq. but yes, any image that sees print gets the full treatment, so the colors and clarity are just like the rest of the images you see on our website and blog.

what should i wear to my engagement session

do you have a bear costume? because that would be awesome.

if you don't have a bear costume, it kind of depends on what sort of session you want. something gardeny? go for jewel tones and jeans. you don't have to be all matchy-matchy like the sadie hawkins dance, but complementary colors are nice. for a more urban shoot, the dude should look sharp (go to neiman marcus or express and buy something off the mannequin), and the girl should look hot (a great pair of heels and a flirty skirt or dress). please, no stripes, patterns or logos, and above all else, do not wear white for your engagement session. when anybody looks at the images, all they're going to see is your bright white shirt instead of your pretty face.

what's the most challenging part of photographing a wedding?

matt: bears.

krystal: matt going on an on about bears.